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, the u.s. chamber of commerce, and the brookings institution discussed the role of the u.s. government and the imf, and the implications for the u.s. economy. this is two hours. >> hearing today is on the year zone debt crisis and implications to the united states. ask unanimous consent mr. lynn of massachusetts and mr. greene from texas both members of the financial services committee can silt in with the must members of the subcommittee today for purposes of delivering a testimony and asking the witnesses questions today. we limit time to 10 minute, and i recognize myself for as much time as i might consume. today we're focused on the eurozone debt crisis and impact on the u.s. economy. despite the systems, the e.u., international monetary fund, imf, greece, portugal, and italy plunged into the deep this year. the economies show sign of strain. in the past year, there's a series of credit rating downgrades for many e.u. members following the grounds of stress tests on important european banks. these rating agencies warned about the risks associated with the global connectedness of ba
pretty by eve of u.s. manufacturing only california in population of texas twice the our sta population make more than we do. if we we are not just talking about those are really important we are talking about jobs and clean c energy and alsoon supplies. ..liation, we welcome this debate. i want my colleagues to come to the floor. some of the 19 that opposed moving this bill forward. when they say china will start this will start a trade war. they talk about world trade organization compliance, they talk about retaliation. the fact is china has been playing that trade war for ten years. the american people have been patient as administration after administration continues to talk but fails to act. patience -- our patience is up as u.s. businesses are undercut, more u.s. jobs are eliminated. the bill is about our economic competitiveness where everyone is competing in the market by the same set of i've been to maybe 150 manufacturing plants in my state in the last three or four years. i know american businesse
for their use later in the day. following any leader remarks, the senate be in a period of morning business until 12:00 p.m. with senators permitted to speak for up to ten minutes each, the time equally divided and controlled between the two leaders or their designees, with republicans controlling the first 30 minutes and the majority controlling the second 30 minutes, and that at 12:00 p.m., the senate proceed to executive session to consider calendar numbers 251, 252 and 253 under the previous order. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. udall: mr. president, we expect two roll call votes at approximately 2:00 p.m. tomorrow on judicial nominations. additionally, there is a joint meeting of congress with the president of korea at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. senators will gather in the senate chamber at 3:40 p.m. to proceed to the house together. if there is no further business to come before the senate, i ask that it adjourn under the previous order. the presiding officer: the senate will stand adjourned senate will stand adjourned the company lightsquared's plan to build a wireless broadb
to industries that can be used most efficiently. we knew we had to get the deficit under control and deal with the single biggest writer of the chassis that, health care cries. and ladies and gentlemen -- [laughter] we knew we had to restore protections for workers in unions. yes, unions. [applause] they've built the middle class. so we sent in the lrp. we made them take up their blackshirts and put on stripe shirts and directories again as they were supposed to be. and folks, results are clear. instead of hemorrhaging 6.5 million jobs a year before we got her program in place, as debbie pointed out, we have created 2,600,000 jobs. 19 consecutive month of private or growth. not enough. instead of losing 1 million jobs permanently, we have added to the last year 111,000 auto jobs. general motors and chrysler are healthy, and pay enough for government loans in the american people the first time in 23 years according to jd powers thinks that americans make better cars than foreign cars. [cheers and applause] and instead of eating able to continue to repackage toxic diet and selling it to a s
, defense u.s. the question i'll try to answer. in the far east, we have been discussing this issue for quite some time trying to import russian gas into the republic republic of korea. now, we're discussing, right now with the north koreans, whether the russian gas -- which is quite affordable can travel through north korea and be imported and used in north korea. this is beneficial, first of all, for russians because they consult their natural resource. for north korea it is beneficial because they could use this natural resource and also beneficial for south korea as well. but let me just remind you to south korea, north korea and russia have it yet come together to discuss this issue in any detail. but from an economic standpoint of view, and it is beneficial for all parties involved. but i understand that this issue is not just economics alone. this issue, inevitably, involve security matters, which we will consider very closely. and also, let me remind you that this project will not be implemented anytime soon. of course we are mindful of the progress that we are making requir
it's not re we' just about us what we are denying as general petraeus and the cia director authorizationit fight the war. uniform pay what we deny as men and womenita pay raises, health care benefits that they desperately need because the detention policy driven by i think the most liberal people in this country, and 25 out of the 26 senators blessed this package so senatory mcconnell was absolutely right not only does the senate not not have a say abo the way for work on thethe me taking the fight the enemyhe tos didn't have the tools they need legislation and would be ahis tragedy if we couldn't pass this bill which is sound to the core in all areas because the aclu doesn't like what we've done. mi >> senator, if the minority leader would yield for a question as you know, theefense intelligence community to fund the authorization bill for the authorization to operate in of whether it's the budget or whether policy. its policy, alll compromise to in the majoritylo. leader's refusal to bring this bill to the floor and without of the authorities and respectedusy intelligence
of a depressed community than what we see behind us. this significant, historic relic that is empty and unoccupied because of politics, because of regulations, because of taxation, and we're going to start the program now, and we'll start the program with the blej of allegiance and we are going to start the program with the pledge of allegiance, but due to regulations, we are not allowed to bring an american flag to the podium, so i -- [audience reacts] but herman cain being a problem solver said we're still going to do the pledge of allegiance. you go right to my lapel pen. [cheers and applause] michael, want to start the pledge of allegiance? >> please say the pledge with me. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indis visible with liberty and justice for all. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> think we're going to do the opening prayer. do i have someone to do the opening prayer? yes. >> thank you, sorry. sorry. ladies and gentlemen, bishop collins with the opening prayer. >> thank you, niger.
is outside of the u.s.. perhaps i don't want to use it for one of my applications but i can use it for another one. different agencies and even within the agency even different needs. so the answer to the question, for the cloud today i don't think that you are going to see any classified information because that isn't included in the profile and it might be a long time before that's coming you will see higher risk systems that can endanger an agency of compromise. but there is a lot of low risk and moderate risk systems to data can be moved through the cloud to be an organization that is involved in cybersecurity or information involved in federal government planning may decide to either keep it in house or use it in a cloud with in the u.s. where as an organization or federal agency that is supporting workers all over the globe may want to use the clout it is all over the world, recognizing the are making a choice and they can see the risks that they are documenting so we will see the low or moderate systems moving i don't see any reason why an agency cio can't make that decis
stay organized. i find useful to read the rules very carefully and then make a checklist of what you need to do but don't worry, the process becomes clear once you get started. >> another great thing about the c-span documentary is that you can work on a project or work on a team. for example if you are good writer but not handy with a camera and get a friend to help out. not only.only we both learned something but you will increase your chances of winning. >> donated an expert at video production are interviewing to make this work. you can use your parents, other students, teachers and c-span as resources for you along the way. this process is both fun and extremely rewarding. with a little bit of effort and anyone can do this. >> now a discussion on the proposed 7 million-dollar keystone excel pipeline project that would stretch from candidate to the gulf of mexico and whether it is in the u.s. national interest. this is about an hour. >> host: damon moglen this with friends of the year. we have them both here to talk about the proposed keystone allied pipeline project that would r
ideas and apply them in the real world. she developed the theory that protects each and every one of us. he may have heard over the past two years that it is now an improper to discriminate employees on the basis of their having family caregiving responsibilities. that was john's work, virtually single-handedly she came up with this idea in 2000 eeoc adopted it officially in 2007. joan will be speaking with justice ruth bader ginsburg. justice ginsburg following a distinguished career as a law professor herself was appointed in 1980 by president jimmy carter to the united states court of appeals for the d.c. circuit. she was elevated to the supreme court in 1993 by president bill clinton. so please come and join in welcoming both john williams, professor of law and justice ruth bader ginsburg. [applause] [applause] >> i really want to start by welcoming you, justice ginsburg. justice ginsburg and i were talking before this and we realized that she was on the same law faculty is my father and i was sent her daughter's law school class. [laughter] >> and son-in-law as well. and i want to
with us mr. chair. >> i thank the gentleman for his opening statement and we have only one witness today. we have mr. ken feinberg here and mr. feinberg you are the ministry of the gulf coast claims facility as both of us noted. you have a very difficult task and we look forward to your testimony. you have been here before and you know it works about the same way. your full statement will appear in the record but if you could hold your oral arguments to five minutes, we will probably have votes before then but the green light means you are doing fine in the yellow light means you have one minute and the red light means -- b. mr. chairman and i thanked the ranking minority. i very much appreciate the invitation. it took me about two seconds to agree to appear. i think it is important that these issues be explored by congress and by this committee. it is about my sixth visit to the house and senate i'm glad to be here to talk about the fund. let me give a few statistics which i think are very telling. in the 14 months we have administered this fund we have received just about 1 million cla
and applause] one of my heros, dr. mays, used to remind the young men of moore house when he said let it be born in mind that the tragedy in life does not lie in not reaching your goals, but the tragedy lies in not having any goals to reach for. it's not a tragedy to die with dreams unfulfilled, but it is a calamity to have no dreams. [applause] the american dream is under attack. the american dream is under attack because we have become a nation of crisis, and that shining city on a hill that roomed reagan talked about has started to slide down to the side of the hill because of all of these crisis. we have an economic crisis. we have an entitlement spending crisis. we have an energy crisis. we have an illegal immigration crisis. we have a foggy foreign policy crisis. we have a moral crisis. [cheers and applause] we have a severe deficiency of leadership crisis in this country. [cheers and applause] you know, i may not have ever held a high political office, but i know what leaders do. leaders make sure that they are working on the right problems, that they find the right priorities,
the appropriate pay-fors for this and an appropriate amount of money that was assist the u.s. marshals service. hopefully we can work something out and i'm just trying to explain the basis for this at this time. mr. president, as you know, we've done a lot of work on the borders to try to secure the border and that has required us to add money for the u.s. border patrol, several other accounts in the department of homeland security, we've added money for the department of justice, we need new judges, courtrooms, prosecutors, defenders --. it's taken a lot of money to secure the border with all of the different aspects that are involved. the one area that we haven't kept up with is the u.s. marshalls service. all of us know the u.s. marshals service. it is a great organization. these people do tremendous work but sometimes we forget them. what we've learned here is that while we have an increased ability to apprehend illegal immigrants and to try them in court and even jail space to hold them, the group that does the holding and the transporting and the keeping of the judges and the courtrooms
be reserved for their use later in the day. following any leader remarks, the senate resume consideration of s. 1619, the currency exchange rate oversight reform act, with the time until 10:30 equally divided and controlled between the two leaders or their designees. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: the second-degree filing deadline for amendments to 1619 is at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. there will be roll call votes at 10:30 on the motion to invoke cloture on s. 1619. if there is no further business to come before the senate, i ask that it adjourn under the previous order. previous order. >> the supreme court's new term began monday. today, supreme court justices scalia and breyer were discussing the constitutional role. they were there for a little less than two and a half hours. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> good afternoon. first, i just want to express my appreciations about justice scalia and justice breyer being back here in the senate judiciary committee. when, hav
to us, to build the network on the schedule. i'd say not only we're confident of making those commitments, but we think we'll cover 260 million americans by the end of 2014, a year ahead of fcc mandated to us. we're able to do it because of a first time in the industry in the relationships we've done, first time anywhere in the world we have now created with sprint and think about end of next year and launch of the network. i'll give an example of what i get excited about as a consumer, my family is excited about, my friends get excited about. today, if you wanted an unlimited data, text, and voice offer on your cell phone, you can get a package anywhere from $59.99 to $105. that would use less than 1 gigabyte of data a month because that's what you typically use on your smart phone. to our retail partners, that one gigabyte of data, we would charge them $6. think of the benefit. let's say our retail partner doubles it, triples, they have to pay were distribution. american consumer saves $50-$60 a month. that's $600 in the pockets of americans. it's $14 billion of investment i
or disapproval including the use of signs or placards is a violation of the rules which do govern this committee so i want to tangle of our guests in advance for their cooperation in maintaining order and decorum. first of all thank you to my cochair, representative hensarling, all of my fellow committee members and dr. elmendorf for joining us here today as well as the members of the public here in person are watching at home. this committee has been working very hard over the last few weeks to come together around a balanced and bipartisan plan to reduce the deficit and reign in the debt. we have heard from our colleagues, we have heard from the standing senate committee's from groups around the country and close to 185,000 members of the public through our web site deficit reduction.gov. we continue our work now today with the hearing on discretionary outlays security and non-security and i'm glad we are talking about this today because it is important for us to understand how these policies fit into our overall deficit and debt. nondefense discretionary spending represents less than one fift
the debate about the use of hand-held devices which i know was called held-hand devices. i don't know what a device would look like. [laughter] but it reminds me of the orthodox church in november 1917 when the revolution was gathering around them debated whether they should wear black or purple vests to funerals. the trust is the horse has both. as you see around the chamber at gold smith and at the others and the at devises, no, devices, they use them tweeting on a regular basis, and that creates and many others as well are saying -- [laughter] well, i will give way to the honorable gentleman even though i was named the most influential mp on twitter, the general leading the other side, even so, i'm most concerned to get on to the next business before i am slayed alive by my constituents constituents.. .. opening itself up to the public. indeed, in 1376 we first decided that we would ensure that there was secretly that nobody outside me what was going on in nigeria. i took many, many centuries to get rid of the oath of secrecy, which is why john wilkes and it had been expelled from the h
complete action on these bills sometime tomorrow. if everyone uses their time it's quite obvious it will be a late late day but maybe people will get tired of talking and we can finish this earlier. we have work to complete on thursday. i talked to the republican leader about the path forward and i think it would be -- we can get more done this week and have a really a good next week working on appropriation bills. if there's no further business to come before the senate i ask that it adjourn under the previous order. the presiding officer: the senate stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> president obama met with his council and jobs and competitiveness in pittsburgh where he provided a meeting and opening remarks. through the president's right is the president of the jobs counsel. the com called for greater spending on infrastructure less restrictive regulations, and a more friendly business tax system. the remarks are 10 minutes. >> let me make some remarks up front, and then i want to hear from all
us this afternoon to give us a preliminary assessment of our nato-led missions in libya and details of the current overwatch. let me say just a few words before i give the floor to general bouchard. unfortunately as you saw that terry -- death toll is rising. the federal general issued a statement expressing his sadness on behalf of nato and conveys his sympathy and solidarity to all of those that were in continue to be affected by the earthquake to the turkish people and the turkish government. of course, nato stands ready to assist our ally turkey is needed. on a very different note, yesterday, we all have seen the celebrations in benghazi and across libya as the national transitional council declared the full liberation of libya. a momentous day for libyans and for the whole region. as i am sure you have heard the chairman of the national transition council, mustafa abdul jalil in his address singled out nato for what he called the effectiveness and great professionalism which we implemented the united nations security council resolution 1973 to protect civilians in libya against
for the record. amendment 812 would prohibit the patent and trademark office from using funds to implement section 37 of the americans invent act, more commonly known as the med cofix. when the patent bill moved through the senate and the house, efforts for -- efforts were made to reverse a decision by the patent and trademark office that had declared a major boston law firm had failed to file a document in time to preserve a patent for their client medco, and as a result of that medco was to lose its patent sooner than otherwise would be the case. they would be able to -- generic manufacturers would be able to manufacture the drug, and it was asserted that it would cost $214 million as a result of this error. well, if a doctor makes an error, they get sued for malpractice. if lawyers make errors, they get sued for malpractice. they have malpractice insurance. and apparently they had some insurance. but at any rate, it appears millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands -- millions of dollars were set aside for lobbying and other efforts to politically reverse the patent office during a t
and heavy-handedness of this move. this is not a matter of supporting of one bill that he wants to get us out of town on. this is precedent, and we have -- unless we can change it, we have forever changed the right of the majority to be heard postcloture, and i am saddened about that. the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: first of all, let me tell my friend that amendments could have been offered pre- cloture, and my friend said he thought we would be able to offer some amendments postcloture with their motions to suspend the rules, and that's what i said would happen and i agreed to that. seven amendments. now, people were saying well, you choose the amendments. i didn't come up with those things. they came up with them. they are the ones they gave me. i guess i was supposed to pick and select which ones they did. that's what i did. i could not get agreement on some of these amendments. i have explained that in some detail previously. now, also everyone should recognize motions to suspend the rules are still available. they are just not available postcloture. the rule 22
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